Jehovah’s Witnesses Watch Tower Society

On Tuesday afternoon, the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watch Tower Society released an animated cartoon short encouraging children to go forth and try to convince same-sex couples to change their sinful ways.

In the short, One Man, One Woman, a young girl sees her friend Carrie's drawing depicting her two lesbian mothers. The girl rushes home to speak to her own mother about her classmate's family, prompting the mother to give the girl a quick refresher on the Church Jehovah Witnesses' views on homosexuality.


"Carrie drew two mommies," the little girl recalls. "She told me they're married to each other. My teacher says that all that matters is that people love each other and that they're happy."

"Hmm. Well, people have their own ideas about what is right and wrong," the mother replies. "But what matters is how Jehovah feels."

The mother goes on to quote Genesis: 127 and Genesis 224 telling her daughter that Jehovah understood that the only way people could find true happiness was through heterosexual marriage. She then compares homosexuality to a hazardous object that would get someone detained if they tried to bring it into an airport because, you know, gay people are dangerous.


“It’s kind of like going on an airplane,” the mother says. “What would happen if someone tried to bring something on the airplane that wasn’t allowed? It’s the same with Jehovah, he wants us to be his friend and live in paradise forever.”

The video hits peak creepy towards the end as the mother, confident that her daughter isn't down with her friend's non-traditional family, starts to brainstorm ways that her kid can go back to school and warn everyone that same-sex families won't be able to get into heaven.


"I could tell Carrie about the Paradise, I could tell her about the animals, and the Resurrection," the girl suggests.

Her mother beams, pleased, as cheerful, Disney-esque music swells in the background.


The entire two minute and twenty-two-second video is as eerie as it is highly-produced, reflecting that the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watch Tower Society wants kids to watch it, like it, and spread its ideas.


Cute, computer-animated, religious kids shows are nothing new, but One Man, One Woman is something different. In 2006, VeggieTales was largely stripped of its Christian messaging when it was broadcast on network TVOne Man, One Woman, on the other hand, has problematic overtones that come with instructions teaching kids how to proselytize on the playground.

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