This Deli For Dogs Will Make You Smile


Dog owners are a strange breed. While some might be ornery in real life, they melt into gooey puddles around their canine friends. Now, dog-fever is so big in in Berlin that a deli catering only to dogs has just opened. Called “The Pets Deli” the deli offers a counter of treats just for dogs. They even have handy wooden stool for the pups to stand on so they can get a full look at all the offerings.

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They say on their Facebook page, “All products from PETS DELI are free of preservatives, industrial supplements and animal by-products. We use fresh meat, vitamin-rich vegetables and wholesome carbs." {As translated from Google translate} So it looks like they’re looking out for health and taste at the same time.

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They didn’t respond to questions about whether the food was fit for human consumption, but a quick look at their offerings which include the likes of Kangaroo Deer Mix and a turkey breast, carrots and broccoli mix (offerings for the day are displayed on a board behind the counter) indicate that you might want to snack here as well.

(Insert suitable dog pun here, I’m tired and it’s Friday.)

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