This drunk badger is in a shelter after going way too hard last night

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

You know how it goes—it's a weeknight, and you tell yourself, OK, just one beer and you're done!


And then your friend orders a pitcher, and it'd be rude not to help finish, and so you drink another, and then, whoa, you're off to another bar, how'd that happen, and then some more people show up and you order a few more and then it's morning, and you've got work the next day, and your head is throbbing, and you wonder to yourself: How did that happen?!

This drunk-ass badger feels your pain all too well. The Guardian tells us, via a Polish animal shelter's Facebook page, that a badger named Wandzia ended up blitzed as hell after downing seven beers on the beach a few nights ago in the seaside town of Rewal, Poland.

But this wasn't just your ordinary night out drinking—Wandzia conked out for two full days, the animal shelter reports, and is still a little tipsy this morning.

They found a couple bottles in the bushes, too."Maybe Wandzia was pregaming," the animal shelter wrote (maybe? It's in Polish). "Kids these days."

Wandzia heads back out into the wild next week, if all goes well. Get this badger some Advil.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.