This ex-hockey player finds bullying homeless people hilarious

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Former hockey player Sean Avery reportedly is sending bizarre videos on Snapchat where he walks up to sleeping homeless people, asks them the time and laughs when they are startled.


The New York Post captured one of the videos on Friday night. Sounds like wholesome, Friday night fun!

Although the videos seem to be only on Snapchat, fans of Avery’s snaps have posted on Twitter about it.

Avery posted on Instagram about the report.


So that's a … denial? Confirmation? Callout for more Snapchat followers?

Avery was part of the New York Rangers in the 2007-08 season and then returned from 2009-12. He famously interned for Vogue in 2008, and did a stint on Dancing With the Stars before being eliminated during a two-part season premiere. He was arrested last year in the Hamptons for allegedly throwing objects at cars.


According to Twitter, Avery has posted videos with homeless people before.