This groping Mexican TV host is an embarrassment to men everywhere

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Mexicans are outraged after a male TV personality sexually harassed and groped his female co-host during a live show known as “A Toda Maquina.” The two were promptly fired after the show aired, but the video has since gone viral and is causing a PR nightmare for their former employer Televisa, the country’s biggest television conglomerate.

In the video, Enrique Tovar gets aggressive with his colleague. First he presses his crotch against her and gropes her breast— not once but twice. Co-host Tania Reza at first becomes visibly distressed and tells him to back off.


“I did not touch your boobies,” Tovar insists, before moving in for a second feel. “I can’t work like this,” Reza says, taking off her microphone and storming off the set. “I’m sorry,” the male host says laughing, “I think my colleague is a bit hormonal…I think her udders went up.”

Mexican media outlets and social media users slammed the live TV harassment prompting a YouTube apology from Televisa in which the two TV hosts explained that it was all a pre-arranged hoax that went too far. “I just want to tell you we’re friends, we get along well, there was no harassment at any moment,” Tania Reza tells the camera. “His boyfriend almost wants to kill me,” jokes Tovar; “we didn’t know it would go that far.”

Televisa distanced itself from the scandal by issuing a separate written statement saying that the show’s producers had no knowledge of the skit. They blamed the TV hosts for trying to create "offensive" and “viral content” and promptly fired them from the local Ciudad Juarez TV station.


Reza then took to her Facebook page insisting the company pressured her to publicly take the blame. “Sadly, in these situations there’s pressure from the companies to say (and even record) that I’m guilty,” posted Reza.

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