This Guitar Hero player found a clever workaround for YouTube copyright rules

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Guitar Hero is hard! Or it can be, if you're cursed with tiny baby hands like mine. The Ozzy Osbourne song "Bark At The Moon" is particularly hard, even for the normal-handed. But the proprietor of the YouTube channel GuitarHeroFailure is, despite his name, very good at playing "Bark At The Moon" on Guitar Hero, and so he uploaded a video of himself acing the song to YouTube.

However, because YouTube gets really mad about copyright infringement, and "Bark At The Moon" is a copyrighted work, the video was taken down.

And so our hero re-uploaded the video, with different audio:

If you haven't listened like a good citizen, he has replaced it with his own vocal interpretations of the tune of the song, which are also very good. They may be better than "Bark At The Moon" itself. He also changed the description of the video to "What a meme am i right??? This is a cool song but it was taken down by youtube so I fixed the audio."


Guess all the sweet, sweet listening ears Ozzy would've gotten belong to GuitarHeroFailure now.

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