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Reddit comments are sometimes helpful, often terrible, occasionally hilarious, and sometimes, just sometimes, sonorous.

WhyNotBarbershop has spent part of the past 3 years randomly selecting comments on Reddit, singing them in the style of a barbershop quarter, and posting his recordings.

In a post from April 2012 WhyNotBarbershop explained that he sings all the parts himself and layers them together. He's also a bit of a barbershop proselytizer, per his SoundCloud bio:

BARBERSHOP IS AMAZING!! I'm a young choir director, and after 13 years of performing in musicals, choirs, operas, etc… I found barbershop, and have loved barbershop since. It taught me to appreciate overtones, tuning, harmonic dissonance and so much more. Also, since its geared towards an amateur base of singers, every technique used to improve the quality of sound, I can immediately apply in my teaching. I've been able to travel to many parts of the country, made friends from all over the world, and get to sing with my best friends on a regular basis because of this society.

I want you to join too.

There are 572 recordings to date, divided between 2 different SoundCloud accounts, WhyNotBarbershop and (you guessed it) WhyNotBarbershop 2.


Because they're drawn from Reddit comments, many of the recordings are what you might expect.


Though occasionally WhyNotBarbershop inserts his own commentary.


There are movie quotes…

Customer complaints…


And audio interpretations of the popular table flip (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻ kaomoji.

It's still Reddit, so there are attempts at humor interpreted harmoniously.


Though the commetns are usually picked at random, he also does requests.


But what's really interesting is tracking WhyNotBarbershop's improvement as a barbershop singer (as well as how his recording gear and editing abilities). This is the first recording (from a Molly Ringwald Ask Me Anything in April 2012):

And here's one from yesterday:


From the manure of Reddit, beautiful music can grow.

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