'This Happens In High School, Not Here'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

On Friday morning, a student at an Indiana middle school opened fire inside a classroom, sending two people—one teenager and one adult—to a local hospital with gunshot wounds. According to local police, the shooter is in custody.


The attack, which occurred in the Indianapolis exurb of Noblesville, comes just a week after the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

Here is a quote that an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed from Chad Lancaster, a Noblesville father whose two children attend the middle school. The Indianapolis Star wrote that he had not heard from one of his children all day.

“This is surreal,” Lancaster told the paper. “This happens in high school, not here.”

We’ve reached the point where teens shooting one another in their high school classrooms is the norm against which we consider everything else a bizarre outlier. America is a sick country.