This horribly offensive 'Kim Kardashian getting robbed' costume is a really, really bad idea


This Halloween, rather than worrying about killer clowns or whether your neighbor's hidden a razor blade in the bobbing apples, remember that friends don't let friends leave the house wearing problematic costumes.

In the past, we've explained to you why dressing up as a transgender person or darkening your skin to become a cartoon character of another race is a terrible idea for a costume that's meant to be "fun." Apparently, those gentle reminders were not enough to dissuade the people at Costumeish from going forward with the production of a new "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim" costume based on Kim Kardashian's recent robbery that took place in Paris.


In the same way that a recently-derided "tranny granny" costume was little more than an ill-fitting dress and bonnet meant for a man to wear, this knockoff Kim K look consists of a robe, oversized sunglasses, a gag, and rope. It's not a costume set as much as it is a collection of household items attempting to make an ill-thought out topical joke.

"She has devoted her life to promoting American decadence, youth, and hedonism but all that flashy living caught up with her one night in Paris when armed men bound her, stole her jewelry and her peace of mind," the costume's official description, which appears to have been removed from the web, reads. "This Halloween have some fun with pop culture and dress just like the Queen of Social media."

Users of social media didn't hesitate to voice their concerns about the costume.

So Kim kardashian gets robbed and they make it a FUCKING HALLOWEEN COSTUME… are you joking

— lil spook (@itsemilynicolee) October 11, 2016


UPDATE: Costumeish eventually yanked the costume, and apologized.


Much of the conversation around Kardashian's incident has focused on the way that the media characterized what went down in the days afterwards.

Some, like Karl Lagerfeld, were quick to take the stance that Kardashian was wrong to have left her hotel room displaying her considerable wealth if she didn't want people to attempt robbing her. Others questioned why Kardashian's security detail failed to block the thieves from getting access to Kardashian.


At the heart of all these positions, though, is the idea that Kim Kardashian somehow brought this all on herself either by being too prideful or not hiring a good enough team of guards to follow her around. None of them place the blame where it rightfully belongs—with the robbers.

Similarly, Costumeish's costume suggests that Kardashian's robbery is an event worth mocking for fun, which is not the case.

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