Online fashion store ASOS came under fireĀ last week after Twitter users pointed out that the retail site hosted the ridiculously named brand ā€˜Itā€™s A Hoodrat Thingā€™ in their marketplace. Itā€™s unclear exactly what caused social media usersĀ to notice that the brand, which had been sold on the site since January, existed. But notice they did.

ASOS quickly responded to a user that the brand had been removed from itsĀ site, but the real question here is how it even ended up thereĀ in the first placeā€”especially since, as Us WeeklyĀ reported on Monday,Ā the brand claimed to have been chosen by ASOS as one of its ā€˜One To Watchā€™ lines. (Yet another ā€˜Iā€™m not sorry untilĀ I get called out for itā€™ episode ofĀ cultural appropriation.

AĀ little background on ā€˜Itā€™s A Hoodrat Thingā€™: Itā€™s ran by two white women, Frankie and Nina. The self-proclaimed "hip hop loving, wannabe gangstas" were "inspired" by ā€œa love of vintage clothing and 90s R&Bā€ and decided to launch this really offensively named brand with very mediocre clothing. The two sold items with cliche hip hop phrases like a "Nothing But A Gee Thang" t-shirt or a "Gangstaā€™s Paradise" denim jacket, and of course a signatureĀ "Hoodrat" mesh cropped tee.


They also say they believe in ā€œthe importance of own your own individuality" ā€” ironic, since they're exploiting stereotypes and fetishing blackness. They also don't seem to knowā€”or careā€” that "hoodrat" isĀ a derogatory term making fun of women from poor neighborhoods.

This is yet another example of white people stealing from black culture without actually investing in or understanding itā€”much like the white womanĀ who made a ā€˜feminist streetwear brandā€™ in Bushwick filled with her favorite rap lyrics on a t-shirt because 'she could.'"

A quick tip for 2017: If you have to think twice about whether or not youā€™ll be offensive or donā€™t have any friends of color who can tell you why youā€™re wrongā€¦probably, donā€™t do it?


Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.