This interactive video shows what the sky would look like if you could see all the asteroids near Earth

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We are not alone, as long as you count rocks.

Astronomer Scott Manley created this video that shows what the sky would look like if you could see the thousands of asteroids in our corner of the solar system. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory says there are at least 12,754 near-Earth asteroids in the vicinity of our planet that we know of, with 872 of them larger than a kilometer.


Asteroids are usually invisible to the naked eye as they don't reflect enough light to be seen through Earth's atmosphere. Occasionally, an asteroid will get close enough to be visible through binoculars or a telescope during its flyby.

The video covers 360-degrees, so drag with your mouse on the video to change the viewpoint. Alternatively, open the video on your smartphone or a virtual reality device to see all 360 degrees.

Manley created the video as part of Asteroid Day, which was started by scientists over concerns about the potential destruction an asteroid collision would cause.