This investigation highlights one reason cops aren't found guilty when they kill a person of color

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In news that shouldn't surprise anyone, white people are overrepresented on jury's when police officers go to court of killing someone. A Huffington Post investigation got hold of demographic information regarding all the police shooting trials since August 2014 that have gone to a jury. In 11 of the 13 cases, the juries were majority white. Eight of the 13 cases involved officers shooting people of color.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The jury did not reflect the racial demographics of the local community in almost every case. As the Huffington Post investigation explains, all this likely benefits law enforcement:

Filling juries with a disproportionate number of white people could benefit law enforcement, as white Americans are more likely to express pro-law enforcement views than non-white Americans, and they are less likely to be acquainted with or sympathetic to issues of race and policing that many see as integral to these cases.


You can check out the full investigation here.

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