Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“Make love” might be the worst two words in the English language. They’re like the Nelly and Tim McGraw of phrases, theoretically meh on their own, but there’s something about them coming together that just makes you want to gravely hurt someone you love.

Now, Original Comedy brings us four minutes and twenty seconds of the phrase used in Woody Allen films, which kind of makes sense when you consider that the man discovered women in 1942.

I mean, the “make love” use in his earlier work kind of makes sense, but as the mashup moves forward in time, the phrase becomes increasingly unbelievable and dramatic (looking at you, Vicky Cristina Barcelona). Reminds you of Nietzsche and his theory of eternal recurrence and how we’re all doomed to live the exact same way throughout eternity.


*Woody, we still love you. Sort of.