This is everything Chris Rock said about race during his Oscars monologue

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This year, the Academy Awards are being criticized for being very, very white—only white people were nominated in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories. So it's not surprising that host Chris Rock took on #OscarsSoWhite in his monologue.

Here's everything he said about race:

  • On the opening montage: "I counted at least 15 black people on that montage."
  • "I'm here at the Academy Awards, otherwise known as the White People's Choice Awards."
  • "If they nominated hosts, I wouldn't even get this job."
  • "Why are we protesting… this Oscars? It’s the 88th Academy Awards, which means this whole no black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times. You gotta figure that it happened in the '50s, in the '60s… black people did not protest, because we had real things to protest at the time."
  • "This year, in the in memoriam package, it's just going to be black people that were shot by the cops on their way to the movies."
  • "If you want black nominees every year you need to just have black categories… like best black friend."
  • "Hollywood is sorority racist. It's like, we like you Rhonda, but you're not a Kappa."
  • "Rocky takes place in a world where white athletes are as good as black athletes. Rocky's a science fiction movie."

And finally, the kicker:

  • "We want opportunity. We want black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors. That's it. And not just once."

Rock also commented on how silly it is to have separate categories for male and female actors—and why women are asked about their red carpet outfits so much more often than men. It's worth watching in full.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.