This Is So Sad, Don Jr.

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If there’s one thing that Donald Trump Jr. has inherited from his father, it’s the Trump brand of corny, self-obsessed, and pathetic self promotion. Just like his father successfully sold those Trump Steaks (by which I mean they were discontinued after two months), Don Jr. (or Donj, as I like to call him) is now attempting to sell himself as the key to the GOP holding on in the midterms this year, and it is so pathetic.


Look at this very sad tweet where Donj quotes “a source” talking about how great Donj is.


The Hill piece Donj quoted describes his truly revolutionary plans to upend the midterms, outflank the libs, and turn this whole damn nation red as his all-American blood:

A source close to Trump Jr. says he plans to hold rallies and fundraisers for Republicans, particularly in states and districts where the president’s approval ratings are high.

Wow, THIS is innovation. Rallies? Why I never? Fundrais-er? Never even met ‘er! Donj’s “source” was keeping busy, because they also spoke to Axios:

A source close to Don Jr. said he believes his brand of “MAGA conservatism” — pro-gun, anti-media, anti-establishment — could make a difference in turning out the base in these states.


Classic Donj, picking up on the sentiment of a movement already happening and claiming it as his own brand! Somehow, his real brand—endorsing conspiracy theories about the Parkland shooting survivorssitting awkwardly; continuing to incriminate himself and his father; telling people to vote on the wrong day like he did last year; and eating the hell out of some ice cream to support losing candidates—isn’t showing up here. Either way, I would love to watch a War Room remake with Donj.

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