This Is Some Deranged Behavior From Chuck Todd

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Here’s an example of doing entirely too much to bend yourself into the posture of BOTH an Objective Journalist and a Good Parent: Meet the Press host Chuck Todd’s response to President Trump calling him a “sleeping son of a bitch” at a campaign rally on Saturday night.

“I bring my kids up to respect the office of the presidency and the president,” Todd told NBC’s Washington, D.C. affiliate on Sunday. “I don’t allow them to say anything negative, ever, about the president.”


He also said: “It creates a challenge to all parents when he uses vulgarities like that.”

I don’t allow MY kids to EVER say anything mean about the guy who insists on calling me “sleepy eyes,” a moniker that isn’t THAT bad of an insult, in front of the nation, Todd says to himself in the mirror each morning. Some might say not allowing your children to criticize the president is weird when your job is to be tough on people in power, but maybe not! A hearty congrats to Chuck Todd for maintaining the upper hand in this battle of iron wills.