This Is the Greatest Thing Happening in Politics Today

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Today, Brexit fanatic and all-around wanker Nigel Farage was campaigning in the British city of Newcastle when he fell victim to the most wonderful thing happening in politics these days: the drive-by milkshake attack.

Man is this video good. The laughter!

All over the UK, far-right goons are being hit with milkshakes. Along with Farage, recent targets have included fascist Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin, a UKIP European Parliament candidate best-known for joking about raping a politician. (He’s been milkshaked four separate times.) The Robinson one is especially good. Suspenseful!


Things have gotten so bad that police are actually telling stores not to sell milkshakes when certain politicians come around.


Some people have said that this trend is bad, but they are wrong. Throwing milkshakes at racists and rape apologists is good in every way.

There are many things I do not want imported from Britain—like Nigel Farage—but we need to bring the milkshake innovation across the pond and start deploying it right away.