This Is the Most Pathetic Thing You'll See All Day

President Donald Trump is in Louisiana today to talk about energy and probably a bunch of other bullshit. He was greeted at the airport by top Louisiana Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, who was literally wearing socks with Trump’s face on them, complete with a fuzzy little tuft of blonde hair.


This is so embarrassing.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

As cringeworthy as this is, it’s the best piece of media coverage Nungesser has gotten as of late. In April, New Orleans TV station WWL reported that despite receiving an extra $8,400 tacked onto his salary as a stipend for driving himself to work, Nungesser rarely actually drives himself to work, and instead mostly has state troopers drive him around in state-owned SUVs. At different points, Nungesser—who’s running for re-election this year—told the TV station that the cops drive him “everywhere” and that he’s only driven around by the cops on a part-time basis.

Can’t get his story straight on whether or not he scammed the public? Wearing socks with Donald Trump’s face on them? You should fully expect to see a presidential endorsement in the Louisiana lieutenant governor’s race in a matter of no time.

News editor, Splinter

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