This is #TheDress, but for your ears

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Yesterday was the first time I've seen people on the Internet feud over a picture of a dress that nobody was wearing. As people debated whether #TheDress was white-and-gold, black-and-blue, or blue-and-orange(!), many slowly came to the realization that we see things differently. Now that you've realized your eyes lie, might as well lose faith in your ears, too.

It's from AsapSCIENCE, a Youtube channel run by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown that's full of videos that will cause you to disagree with the person sitting next to you about what's really going on. They use a monotone narrator and stop-motion illustrations to give examples of science oddities. The breakdown of why people lie and how your brain works are cool, but the video about audio illusions made my day. It explains the Tritone Paradox, which causes some listeners to hear a half-octave note in a descending tone, and others to hear is as ascending.

It's better than looking at a dress that no one is wearing, but, yes, they addressed #TheDress as well.

"I write about the future (Associate Producer at @ThisIsFusion).

I write about the past (publisher of #OGToldMe).

Oakland, CA raised me."

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