When the Writey Experiment launched yesterday, it challenged the collective minds of the internet to work together and write a democratically crowdsourced novel one character at a time.

Anyone could log on to the experiment's site and cast a vote for which letter should be entered next into the book's pages and, once voting closed in a few weeks, a novel would be produced.


In theory, the project could work, but as anyone who has ever spent time on the internet could tell you, the web isn't exactly known for being the type of place where people work together to do great things.

Within hours of Writey's launch, the novel to be quickly devolved into a mostly incomprehensible line of…well, internet garbage.

"Fuck mein the ass," the Great Internet Novel begins. "The nigger said he would cuck an animal he wuz killed."


Though Writey claims that people are writing this stuff, most of the book reads something like text generated by a bot scouring the most vile corners of the internet. The word "nigger" currently appears five times, for example.

"Fuck donald poetry it rhymes," the book reads."It's so dense every imagarry raped hitler! My assistant was captured by jesus."


Where Writey's novel will go from here remains to be seen, but there's still a chance that something worth reading might bubble up out of the roiling cesspool of digital id that it is right now. Sure, it's a small chance, but it's a chance all the same.