This Kickstarter is trying to organize a festival dedicated to Carlos Santana's 'Smooth'

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Picture yourself dressed as Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, singing about your "Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa." Or, if you're so bold, dressed as guitar-god Carlos Santana, playing the iconic opening riff to "Smooth." Or perhaps just listening to the song "Smooth," with fellow "Smooth" enthusiasts, feeling the turning of the world so soft and slow, turning you 'round, and 'round.


The Kickstarter for SMOOTHcon 2016 aims to make this a reality.

SMOOTHcon, a convention dedicated to the 1999 (Grammy-winning) song "Smooth" by Carlos Santana ft. Rob Thomas, is the subject of a new crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. As far as conventions go, man, SMOOTHcon would be a hot one.

The project is a "work in progress" that will be have its priorities set "based on what fellow Smoothies want out of a SMOOTH - Santana feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 convention event." So far the list includes Santana and Rob Thomas cosplay, "Vendors of the smoothest foods," and "Hologram Santana feat. hologram Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20."

The page, set up by SMOOTH Sully (who is really a Michigander named Matthew Sullivan) has raised $5.25 out of its $200,000 goal. There are 4 backers.

DNAinfo points out that the song "Smooth" has a devoted following online. If those superfans don't give some cash to make SMOOTHcon real, they can forget about it.

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