This Latinx Republican just came out strongly against Trumpcare

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Opposition to the GOP's potentially disastrous American Health Care Act (don't call it "Trumpcare"!) took a turn on Tuesday when several House Republicans began announcing that they could not support the bill due to the vast numbers of people it has been predicted will lose their insurance if it is passed.


One of these was Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Tweeting in both English and Spanish, Ros-Lehtinen explained that the bill would leave too many of her Florida constituents uninsured, and would be particularly harmful to poor and elderly populations.


While not the only Republican to reject her party's health care plan, Ros-Lehtinen's "no" vote carries particular weight, given her role as the GOP's most senior female representative, as well as the first Cuban-American, and Latina congresswoman elected in the country.

The nearly 100,000 people enrolled in President Obama's Affordable Care Act in Ros-Lehtinen's congressional district is the highest number anywhere in the United States, the Miami Herald reported. In a statement to that paper, Ros-Lehtinen criticized the Trump-backed replacement plan, and urged a bipartisan healthcare solution.


"I voted to repeal Obamacare many times because it was not the right fix for our broken healthcare system and did not live up to its promise to the American people but this plan is not the replacement South Florida needs," Ros-Lehtinen explained. "We should work together to write a bipartisan bill that works for our community and our nation without hurting the elderly and disadvantaged among us."

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