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It's lunch time. So let's talk about breakfast food.

McDonald's is now selling breakfast items all day in an attempt to lure us deeper into the warm, greasy embrace of the golden arches (and fend off increasing competition from other fast-food chains).


Burger King, where customers can supposedly have it their way, seemed nonplussed by McDonald's' new game plan. Initially, the company made no counter move to expand its own breakfast offerings. Now, though, there's a single, rogue Burger King in New Jersey that's has risen up to meet the McDonald's breakfast challenge.


The independently-owned Burger King located in Garwood, New Jersey, which is located across the street from a McDonald's, is now serving breakfast from open to close and its giving customers options that its rival can't. The differences between the two restaurants' menus are subtle. In the mood for a sausage and egg sandwich made with two thick pancakes? McD. Craving a flaky croissant or french toast stick? The King's your man.

Burger King corporate has yet to say whether it plans on committing to all-day hash browns nation-wide.

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