This man running unopposed for a state house seat is outrageously Islamophobic

TUBS/Wikimedia Commons

Michael "Duke" Lowrie, who's running for a state house seat in Louisiana, says he won't go to businesses that employ Muslims. He first made the declaration in a 2015 Facebook post, which he says he stands behind.

"I for one will no longer knowingly go to or do business with any establishment that has someone who I know is a follower of Islam working there," the post published by The Shreveport Times reads. "I will challenge every Islamist I see to denounce their false god and religion. Those Islamist here walk among us in stores and we act as if they're no different than any of us. Well I'm sorry they are different. Their religion demands you to convert or die."


Here's what Lowrie said in a statement to the paper standing behind the post.

We are a Christian nation. The threat of Islamic terrorism is real. Too many times, politicians are sometimes so afraid to speak the truth because of the PC culture in which we live. I'll call it how I see it. We must tackle Islamic extremism head on. I believe President Trump will do that.

The seat Lowrie's running for recently opened up. He's not facing any opposition in the March race at the moment though, so someone should probably get on that ASAP.

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