This man who dislocated his shoulder at a police brutality protest has a perfect message about Black Lives Matter

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Like in many cities across the U.S., Atlanta has been host to multiple anti-police brutality protests since last week's deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police. One Atlanta protester, 68-year-old Kevin Moran, decided he wasn't going to let an arrest and a hospital stay keep him from participating.

The activist group Rise Up posted to its Facebook page that Moran dislocated his shoulder during Monday night's protests, but he still had something he wanted to say.

"Folks who look like me must not continue to condone this behavior," Moran said in the video. "We cannot excuse by seeming to overlook the pain being inflicted on our brothers and sisters. Please, please go to the streets and demand change, not platitudes."


A spokesperson for the Atlanta police confirmed that Moran was among 16 people arrested at Monday night's protest and that he was taken to the hospital after complaining of "an aggravation to a pre-existing injury."

Local TV station WSB spoke with Moran earlier at the Monday night's protests before his injury. “We've done this for too long in this country. It's time that we hold our officials accountable,” Moran told the station.


Update: Activist Jim Chambers posted this photo of Moran on Twitter, saying that a day later he was still cuffed by his ankle to his hospital bed.