Minecraft players love to build elaborate creations. Studio Ghibli fans can be obsessive about the Japanese animation studio's movies. Minecraft players who are Studio Ghibli fans…you get the idea.

Pero is one such Minecraft player and Ghibli fan, and he's been recreating parts of various Ghibli movies in the sprawling game. He's been working steadily on his projects for the past couple years, and they're collected over at his page on Planet Minecraft. He built the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro!:

Seriously, look at that b e a u t i f u l Catbus!:


He's also made a Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke:

And, most recently, one of the trilobite-looking Ohms from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind:

Pero isn't the only one recreating Ghibli works in Minecraft — others have embarked on recreating the movie Spirited Away in-game. But Pero's works are certainly lovely standalone recreations.

And lest anyone who's not particularly into Studio Ghibli feels left out, Pero's also recreated the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!:

And a giant Titan from the manga-turned-anime series Attack on Titan:

Here's hoping a painstakingly recreated version of Yu Yu Hakusho is next, if only because I've been thinking about that show a lot.


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