This mom had a huge freakout because her daughter was learning about Islam in school

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Turns out that, for some people, knowing almost anything about Islam is un-Christian.

A parent issued a length complaint complaint during a Monday meeting of the  Sullivan County Board of Education in northeastern Tennessee. Her beef? That the school's lessons on Islam were an affront to her Christian beliefs.

Local TV station WJHL reported that Michelle Edmisten complained because her 7th grade daughter was being penalized for refusing to complete assignments on Islam, and called upon the district to drop the curriculum the assignments come from.


“It is time as parents, teachers, and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools, and our country,” Edmisten said.

The TV station briefly showed some questions from the offending assignment. Judge for yourself how offensive they are.



The board wasn't entirely unsympathetic, according to the Kingsport Times News, with one member making a motion towards the end of the meeting to remove the offending textbook from the school's curriculum. The other members were quicker to pass the blame on to either the state curriculum standards or the textbook itself.


"We support our faculty and our staff,” Chairman Michael Hughes said, according to the Times News. “This debate over the textbook has nothing to do with the faculty.”

Tennessee's teaching of Islam has drawn the anger of other local Christians recently. A year ago, a group of pastors called upon students to take zeroes rather than complete Islam-related assignments. This skirmish eventually led to the passing of a law forbidding material that might "proselytize" and requiring the state to revise its social studies standards.


That social studies curriculum review is underway and so far no one seems to be happy with it. No one being happy seems to be the theme of these sorts of debates.