All India Bakchod on YouTube

If you've ever sat through a modern Bollywood movie (all 2-3 hours of it) the following lyric will make perfect sense to you:

"Let's objectify/Misogyny is fine/And now for no good reason/Bikini pillow fight".


Even if you haven't, that should give you an idea of what to expect in the classic party scene musical number, where dudes (usually in hats) are surrounded by women (usually in not-very-much). The scene sometimes takes place in a club, other times in a vaguely beachy setting, and on special occasions in a factory that looks like it's about to burn down.

Indian YouTube comedy group All India Backchod recruited popular actor Irrfan Khan for a parody of rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh's "Party All Night", Yahoo News India reports.

"Random dancing shot/Same shot from the top/Why is everyone hot?"

The actor released the video on Monday morning:


Much to the delight of fans on Twitter:


Fans of the group are eagerly awaiting for their next move. Perhaps they'll take on the government porn ban that Indian reddit users have been worried about lately.