Donald Trump has put anti-Muslim sentiment at the heart of his presidential campaign, so it was only natural that a Muslim woman who went to one of his rallies on Friday would find herself being ejected from it by security for the terrible crime of…standing around silently.

Rose Hamid went to the Trump gathering in South Carolina wearing a hijab, a shirt that read "SALAM — I COME IN PEACE" and a yellow star with "Muslim" written on it—a callback to the stars Jews were forced to wear by Nazis. At one point in Trump's speech, she stood up silently. She was then removed from the rally by security. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported that the crowd around him was making extremely ugly anti-Muslim comments about her while this happened.

Hamid later told CNN that Trump's supporters—who would rather have Muslims banned from the United States than turning up at his rallies making silent political commentary—shouted things like "you have a bomb!" at her as she walked out. She added that she had wanted the crowd to see what a real Muslim looked like.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations demanded that Trump apologize—something he is deeply unlikely to do.


Trump and his fans have developed an extremely antagonistic relationship with the many protesters who turn up at his rallies. Immigrant rights supporters and Black Lives Matter activists have found themselves brutally assaulted by his crowds. A recent stop in Vermont was nearly derailed by the continual ejection of protesters. Trump kept telling the security guards to confiscate the dissenters' coats.

(h/t Think Progress)