This New England man's reaction to spotting a strange sea creature is priceless

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

All you really need to know about this video is that a New England guy named Mike found something in the water, doesn't know what it is, and has some questions for his friend Jay.


Also, if you don't like f-bombs, there are about 1,000 in here.

According to The Boston Globe, the owner of the perfect Boston accent is 41-year-old Malden, Mass., resident Michael Bergin, and the fish that left him awestruck was not a sea turtle, baby whale, flounder or tuna, but a sunfish.

When reached for comment by the Globe, Bergin continued to maintain his sense of sweary child-like wonder.

“I ain’t seen nothing like that in my entire life, bro. I ain’t even been to the Aquarium,” Bergin told the Globe. “When I see something like that, I’m amazed, bro. It’s like seeing a gorilla for the first time, man.”

I think it's time for a good friend to take Bergin to visit the New England Aquarium. Bring a camera.