This news about where Ivanka Trump will spend her time in the White House is definitely not weird

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In news that's unsurprising but somehow still deeply unnerving, Ivanka Tump is reportedly slated to literally move in on Melania Trump's territory once the family moves into the White House.

CNN's Sara Murray reported, citing a source with the transition team, that Ivanka has been lined up to have an office in the space usually reserved for the First Lady in the White House. Bold move!

Although it's not clear what role Trump's eldest daughter will hold in the administration, Ivanka has been a frequent presence as her father meets with titans of industry and world leaders. She was there during her father's first sit-down with a world leader as president-elect, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe; she met with Al Gore to talk about climate change, and on Wednesday she was spotted in a meeting with the CEOs of major tech companies (alongside Trump's lesser known sons.)


While Ivanka's perma-presence at her father's side would certainly raise eyebrows even in a normal family, the fact that our next president has made sex jokes about his hot daughter–his words, not mine–far more times than is acceptable makes the move seem even weirder.

Sleep with one eye open, Melania.

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