This newspaper just made the most embarrassing mistake about the Women's March on Washington

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Listen, all news organizations make mistakes. That’s why the corrections section was invented. But, Express, a tabloid-sized spinoff of the Washington Post, made a really, really careless mistake on Thursday, screwing up in the most embarrassing way. They are having a tough day.


The paper ran a cover story about the Women’s March on Washington, which is slated to take place a day after President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. But their pink-themed photo design accidentally put a bunch of women into the shape of the symbol for the male gender. No, seriously…this really happened. (Yes, we’re both lol-ing and perplexed too).


Though we're pretty sure the paper already went to print and is on newsstands now, the publication acknowledged the error and apologized, calling the mistake “embarrassing” and tweeting out a cover with the correct symbol, which when you look at this the mistake becomes even more cringeworthy. Seriously, the male and female symbol don’t look anything alike.

The paper soon acknowledged its mortifying decision.

There are two big questions here. First: How did this careless mistake make it so far in the editing process? Think about it. It had to go through a series of edits to make it to the front page from the art department to editor-in-chief to the creative director to the printer. Second: How many women are on staff at the Express? We know for sure that the executive editor (Dan Caccavaro), creative director (Jon Benedict), and managing editor (Rudi Greenberg) are all white men.

Maybe the Express should just run the female symbol on all the covers this week to make up for this? Or, seriously, just put more women in charge.


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