This Orlando shooting survivor just walked for the first time since the massacre

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Until last Friday, Ángel Colón hadn't been able to walk without assistance since June 12, when he was shot at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL.


"We were saying our goodbyes. I'm hugging everyone … and out of nowhere, we just a heard a big shotgun. We stopped what we were doing and it just kept going. We started running," Colón told the Orlando Sentinel.

Colón was shot three times in one leg and broke his other leg while trying to escape the mass shooting that targeted the LGTBQ club and claimed 49 lives. He has been recovering since then, and last week, he celebrated a milestone when he took his first steps without help since the shooting. He posted a video of the heartwarming moment to Facebook.

Earlier this month, Colón had appeared on stage at a Zumba convention, using a walker for assistance.

"This past month has been the worst month of my life. But going through this there's been nothing but love and support from everyone," Colón said.