This pagan priest's driver's license is an epic win for religious freedom

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Pagan priest Phelan Moonsong is absolutely killing it as religious freedom's new super hero. After initially being told he couldn't don horns in his driver's license picture, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles changed it's decision. Now Moonsong has his horned driver's license picture, and it is absolutely delightful.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

When Moonsong went to get his driver's license, he was told he'd have to send the state documentation to prove his horns were religiously required attire. According to Religion News Service, he was later told his horns would not be allowed in the photo over the phone, but he later went into the office and mentioned he was in contact with the American Civil Liberties Union. Shortly after, the horns were approved.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Moonsong says he feels incomplete without his horns, which he only takes off to sleep and bathe. He started wearing them in 2009 according to a Washington Post profile.

A friend whose goat had recently died offered the horns [during a Pagan men’s group gathering]. Nobody else wanted the dead goat’s hardware; Moonsong couldn’t believe his luck.

So he took the horns home, drilled small holes in each one and attached them to his forehead using stretchy, 50-pound fishing line that he wrapped around his head like an invisible skull cap.

Moonsong tells The Post having a driver's license will allow him to fly to California to participate in some of the best Pagan festivals. Not sure the TSA is going to let him on a plane with those horns though—Moonsong just might have another religious freedom battle ahead.

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