Illustration for article titled This picture of a wallaby hugging a bear will rescue you from the debilitating anxiety of existence

Life is what happens as we drift toward oblivion.

The world pours a cascade of sensory material into our feeble minds from the time we wake in a ball of crippling anxiety to the moment we close our eyes, a brief respite from the hellish task of making some sense of the absurdity. So maybe, today, you need this picture of a kangaroo hugging a teddy bear, discovered by Australian political adviser Tim Beshara's wildlife caretaker mother, who says this orphaned kangaroo responds well to teddy bears.

This photo of a baby kangaroo hugging a teddy bear proves hugs really are everything! DETAILS:

— Shanee Dobeson (@SDobeson) August 6, 2015


Correction: Evidently, the animal featured in this article is a wallaby, not a kangaroo. So it goes.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.


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