This potential Oscar nominee definitely doesn’t think #OscarsSoWhite is canceled

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The Oscar nominations are due to come out tomorrow, and the list of nominees could be one of the most inclusive in years. But, even though some would have you think that Hollywood's diversity struggle has been won, it's simply not true. Over the weekend, Ruth Negga, who may snag a Best Actress nod for Loving, told Metro UK that, while the conversation surrounding #OscarsSoWhite has been significant, it’s far from over.


When asked if the nomination of more “black and ethnic minority actors” meant that the #OscarsSoWhite conversation was “canceled,” Negga responded that “no conversation about race is ever wrapped up neatly with a little bow tie.” She went on, saying:

I do think it’s important to acknowledge the lack of diversity. It’s important to have a conversation about it and to be honest I’m glad people are having a conversation about it and they’re not frightened about it.

Amazing! You can read her full comments at Metro UK.

Then the director of Loving, Jeff Nichols, chimed in, saying that while the conversation is very important, Negga's performance in the film is one of the best performances in the past decade, regardless of race. Because apparently it’s impossible to just talk about race in Hollywood for one moment before someone Tarzans in railing about being colorblind. Despite Nichols’ small demonstration of why discussions and movements like #OscarsSoWhite are so necessary, Negga’s point remains.