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There's lots of big but unsurprising news about The Simpsons lately. Waylon Smithers is going to come out to Mr. Burns, Homer and Marge aren't getting divorced, and showrunner Al Jean told The Hollywood Reporter the show may finally be close to ending.

But here's a surprising piece of Simpsons ephemera. A parodic, chaotic, nightmarish parody of the show's iconic opening theme:

The video was put together by Paris-based artist Yoann Hervo, who explains his motivations on Vimeo:

The original idea was to invite some animators to produce, in their own style, a short story in the Simpsons universe. Despite the fact that the project hasn't been achieved, I wanted to finish what I started.

The video includes Lisa clones:

Yoann Hervo/Vimeo


A distended, car-filling Homer:

And this:


It's Simpsons body horror par excellence. I'd say it's better than anything the show itself has done in years, but I can't. Like so many other aggrieved fans, I haven't watched a new episode in many seasons. At the very least, I can say it's better than that Banksy intro.

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