This show about time travel and sexuality is being censored by the Chinese government

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The Chinese government is allegedly censoring a tv show. That might not be surprising, but the show in question, Go Princess Go, is particularly worth talking about: it features a young man who travels back in time, inhabits the body of a princess and marries a prince, and then has affairs with both the female concubines in the court and the prince.

Last week viewers in China noticed that Go Princess Go (which is the perfect example of so-bad-it's-good television) and five other series produced for streaming were no longer available, Quartz reported. There's a trailer for the show on YouTube:

It's hard to say exactly what tipped the government sponsors over the edge to banning Go Princess Go but Caixin writes:

China's government has showed its disapproval of programs that depict time travel before. In 2011—when several shows featuring protagonists going back to ancient times were popular—it issued guidelines that said production companies were discouraged from making them because they "lack positive thoughts and meaning."


The website reports that censors have suddenly begun paying closer attention to internet series, some six years after they started being produced by streaming services like LeTV, the company behind Go Princess Go. The show attracted 2.4 billion views, according to Quartz.

[h/t Shanghaiist]