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Ever wanted to send a message in the voice of This American Life host Ira Glass? That's kind of a weird thing for you to want, to be honest, but either way RadioMadlibs has you covered.

The site lets you cobble together messages with a few clicks by choosing from 50 or so phrases uttered by Glass on his popular radio show. It's a rudimentary but fun lil' thing created as part of an audio hackathon put on by This American Life in New York over the weekend. Specifically, team 11b put the madlibs tool together.

Other ideas that emerged include an online group listening site and a class on podcasts.


The website works pretty well, for having been built in a day. You can assemble messages as simple as "we're home" or "want tylenol." You can assemble more complex phrases like "I'll need going to school podcasts coming up."

The share function on the site isn't working right now, and more phrases would be helpful.


Or you can just click a bunch of buttons to hear Ira Glass say gibberish. That's what I found a lot of fun.


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