This 'SNL' parody shows how ridiculous state anti-LGBT laws are

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It's a nightmare scenario that's been described by conservative lawmakers across the U.S.: What if a gay couple goes into a devout Christian bakery and forces the bakers to discard their beliefs, all in the name of a gay wedding cake?

Now SNL has brought it to life with this trailer parody that lifts it's style straight from the God's Not Dead films.

While this fake trailer is funny (especially if you've seen the actual God's Not Dead trailers) it's important to remember that the rights of LGBT people are actively being curtailed in state legislatures. A "religious freedom" bill that would legalize discrimination almost passed in Georgia, then it actually did pass in Mississippi, and there's also North Carolina's infamous HB 2.


In the meantime, crank the Rachel Platten and enjoy the show.

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