This surrogate lied about miscarriages to gay couples in order to sell their babies

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In what can only be described as a plot straight out of Law & Order, a French surrogate is on trial for lying to gay couples about miscarrying the children that she was carrying for them.

The woman, who has only been identified as "Aurore," allegedly concocted a scheme in which she would become pregnant using a sample of donor sperm, carry the child for a number of months, and then tragically inform the expecting parents via text message that she'd miscarried.

Then, French officials claim, Aurore would actually carry the child to full term and sell them to couples who were unable to have kids of their own.


The entire scam was as illegal as it was morally reprehensible. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in France. Also illegal in France? Selling children.

In 2010, a gay French couple paid Aurore €15,000 to bring a baby to term for them that was slated to be delivered the following spring. As Aurore's due date drew near, she texted the couple that their son was stillborn. This was a lie. Not long after giving birth to the perfectly healthy baby boy, Aurore gave the baby away to a gay couple living in Luxembourg for €10,000.


Aurore repeated her scheme in 2012 on another pair of victims and by the time she was arrested in 2013, she was in the process of conning at least three other couples.

According to Pink NewsAurore's defense argued that she had been raped by her father as a child and that the abuse was partially responsible for her actions.


Deputy Prosecutor Jean Dematteis is seeking to imprison Aurore for just under two years and to reimburse all of the duped couples to the tune of €2,000.