This Syrian refugee turned his journey to Turkey into a game of 'Super Mario Bros.'

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In his video Super Mario Bros.: The Asylum Stage, Samir al-Mufti takes the experience of fleeing a war-torn Syria and styles it into a level of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.

As relatively simple as your average Mario stage can be, al-Mufti managed to incorporate a number of the complex obstacles refugees face as they seek a safe haven. Instead of featuring Mario the plumber, al-Mutfi's video follows an unnamed man as he journeys to a refugee camp.

Goombas are replaced with opportunistic smugglers who shake the man down for money and promise to provide him with safe passage. Instead of a magical mushroom, a single suitcase of belongings is the only power up the man has access to as he dodges crooked cops and makes his way across a stormy sea.

Earlier this year, Al-Mufti left Syria and sought asylum in nearby Turkey. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he explained that he created the video to highlight the common struggles that nearly four million Syrians have faced in their efforts to live in peace.


“The life of a Syrian refugee is just like the game,” said al-Mufti. “You must pass several levels to reach the country of asylum.”