This Texas Republican just called Hillary Clinton a name that rhymes with 'punt'

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Sid Miller, Texas's Republican Agriculture Commissioner, seems like an all around aww shucks kind of guy at first. But take a gander at his website, and you'll see this guy is the reddest of red-state conservatives.

Now scroll down a little farther and you'll find he calls himself a "statesman." Well, I haven't met that many statesmen in my life, but I've read a lot about them and I can't imagine a damn one of them going out in public and intentionally calling someone a "cunt."

And yet that's exactly what Sid Miller did today when he tweeted some presidential race poll results and, in that spot where he should have put Hillary Clinton's last name, he put the word "Cunt." Miller quickly deleted the tweet, but not before Joshua Fechter, a reporter with the San Antonio Express-News, took a screen shot:


"Go Trump Go!" Not predictable at all! And, indeed, Donald Trump's campaign—from his own "nasty woman" remark on down to his dedicated legions—has laid bare right-wing America's nasty habit of using gendered slurs against women in power.

But wait! Miller had an excuse: He claimed his account had been hacked. But that tweet, too, was deleted! Luckily, the internet was there:

And then, just a short while later, Miller issued a statement where he dropped the halp! hacked! defense altogether:


You see, it was just a simple retweet, the kind where you copy and past the text of someone else's tweet and publish it as your own tweet with no attribution or anything. That's probably what happened a few hours earlier when Miller was making dumb dick jokes, too.

Miller, for what it's worth, lists several credentials on his Twitter bio, but the first is "deplorable"—a label he's embraced and, now, truly earned.


We can only imagine that Scott Baio is out there somewhere trying to figure out how to fave deleted tweets.

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that Sid Miller is Texas's Agriculture Commissioner, not a state legislator.


Ali Gharib is a journalist based in Brooklyn. Sometimes he writes about bars and broke down cars.

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