This Trump supporter on CNN has the most flat-out bonkers defense of his video we've seen yet

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A Donald Trump support tried out a new, insane defense for the candidate’s indefensible remarks making light of sexual assault on Monday, invoking biblical "harlots" to argue Trump is just the man for the job leading the free world.


During a discussion of the video of Trump making grossly sexual remarks in 2005 on CNN, Vicki Sciolaro, a local Kansas Republican Party official and Trump supporter, tried to reframe the controversy by reminding viewers: “Here’s the thing, he’s not running to be the Pope.”

Things quickly went off the rails from there.

“Look at the culture of our country. Everyone knew he had strip clubs, but still, the millions of people chose him to be the nominee,” Sciolaro explained. “And look at our culture, it’s filled with bar–strip clubs on every corner.”

After explaining that she is a “strong, pro-life, Christian woman” who would never use the words Trump did in the video, where he infamously said he’s famous enough to seize women “by the pussy,” she abruptly pivoted, saying, “This is the kind of person that needs to lead our country.”
“God can use anybody,” she soldiered on. “He used the harlots, and that’s the thing – It’s all about what God can do this. God can use this man.”

You really have to watch the clip for yourself:

Oddly enough, after the video started to spread like wildfire on social media, Trump took to Twitter to voice his apparently unrelated beef with CNN.