This Trumpkin might be the scariest thing you see for Halloween this year

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Ohio artist Jeanette Paras has a Halloween tradition. Every year, she carves out giant pumpkins and meticulously paints them to look like famous people.


Her offering this year is especially terrifying:


This trump pumpkin (trumpkin, for those in the know), carved from an Ohio-grown specimen, weighs in at 374 lbs and needed six 38-inch wigs to create the right look.

“I’m always asked how I choose my subjects. The answer is that the subjects are really self-selected—by being in the news all the time and by being the perpetual topic of conversation,” Paras told WBNS-10TV. “The ‘Trumpkin’ was the overwhelming choice this year. That guy is in the news every day it seems and then some.”

Last year, Paras brought a Kim Jong-Un pumpkin to the world:


And the year before that, it was Phil Robertson (the guy from Duck Dynasty) and Miley Cyrus:

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