wholeearthradar/Deep Space Climate Observatory
wholeearthradar/Deep Space Climate Observatory

Finally, Earth's weather comes in GIF form.

Whole Earth Radar is a new Tumblr account that uses daily photos of the Earth posted by NASA to generate a GIF showing the planet's climate patterns.


The images are pulled from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Deep Space Climate Observatory, a satellite that orbits between Earth and the Sun and, among other things, takes photos of Earth's weather. While there is an animation function on NASA's website, it's a little clunky, so the GIF format is much appreciated.

The Whole Earth Radar was built by Rob Dubbin, a Late Show writer and internet dream weaver perhaps best known online for creating popular Twitter bot Olivia Taters.

Rob Dubbin/Deep Space Climate Observatory

Since it just launched, there's only one GIF available so far: Sunday, November 22, displayed above. But assuming Dubbin doesn't decide to stop updating the Tumblr, and Earth and/or NASA's funding doesn't dry up, we can hope to expect more.


Plus, it's a good reminder that we're a week away from some pretty important —and already fraught— climate talks.

[h/t Elizabeth Lopatto]

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