This union is building a wall of taco trucks to psych out Donald Trump before the debate

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The utopian dream of taco trucks on every corner could soon come true, at least in Las Vegas.

The Culinary Union is planning to line up a great wall of taco trucks outside of Donald Trump's Las Vegas hotel, just a couple of miles from where the candidate will get his last chance to debate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night, BuzzFeed News reported.

“We’re reminding Mr. Trump that immigrant workers here and across the country will be watching the debate and voting in November,” Yvanna Cancela, the political director for the majority Latino immigrant union, told BuzzFeed.


The stunt is a callback to a Hispanic Trump surrogate who argued last month that Latino culture is so dominant in the U.S. that soon there will be "taco trucks on every corner."

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