This Unwatchable Trump 'Satire' Could be the Worst Thing The Simpsons Has Ever Done

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I have a deep love for The Simpsons, despite its flaws, which is why it gives me no pleasure to say this: what the fuck is this piece of trash Trump video they just put out?

I’m not going to go into all of the stuff about “the show hasn’t been good for ages.” Duh, everybody knows it is a shadow of its former self. But this is no excuse for this toe-curlingly lame attempt at political satire. It features Trump battling with the “Squad” while they all sing a very bad parody of “America” from West Side Story, and it features just about every stupid lib attack line about the president that you can imagine. Dumb Putin joke? Check! Trump is fat joke? Check! Impeachment joke? Check! There’s even an EMOLUMENTS joke for god’s sake. I was practically under the table 15 seconds in. It’s so bad.

I beg The Simpsons, a program I cherish: Please never do something like this again. They may have done things as awful as this video before, but they’ve certainly never done anything worse.