This Vet Planned to Bomb a Mosque. Now He's a Muslim.

The Secret Life Of MuslimsThe Secret Life Of MuslimsSecret Life of Muslims uses humor and empathy to subvert stereotypes and reveal the truth about American Muslims.

Relying partly on his experience as a Marine, Richard McKinney made an improvised explosive device he planned to detonate near a mosque, resulting in massive casualties.

Such a scene is neither unfamiliar or difficult to imagine. Just this month, the attacks in New Zealand showed how hate and Islamophobia can culminate in violent terrorism.


Yet not only did McKinney not go through with his attack, he opened himself to learn and experience what it actually means to live as a Muslim in America.

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Alex Clark is a video journalist and filmmaker covering social inequality, the internet and American politics. He's a Senior Producer at GMG and instructs video at Columbia Journalism School.