This video of people in KKK gear holding Trump signs is shaking a Connecticut town

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A planned Ku Klux Klan parade in North Carolina has gotten media attention, but white hoods aren't confined to Southern states.


Officials in East Windsor, CT, confirmed on Monday that a video circulating on Facebook showing people wearing Klan garb along with Donald Trump campaign merchandise was filmed in their town.

The video shows a person browsing photos and videos from a party posted on Snapchat. They include a  clip of someone waving a Trump flag while wearing a Klan hood and another man wearing a "Make America Great Again" baseball cap. A different clip shows a person wearing a Klan robe riding a motorcycle around a bonfire while holding a large Trump flag.

East Windsor First Selectman Robert Maynard told local TV station WFSB that the video appeared to have been recorded near the town's gravel pits. He was quick to play downplay any connection between the appearance of Klan paraphernalia and racist sentiment, referring to it as "kids being kids."

"I don't think it's a racial incident. It's a reaction to the recent election. They could have even been making fun of it, laughing at the whole situation. I don't think there's a racial issue here," Maynard told WFSB.

But the Hartford Courant reports that East Windsor has a a history with "racial incidents," with the Klan having been invited to hold rallies there during the 1980s.

Maynard has since released a second statement with a more forceful condemnation.

"When a small community like East Windsor—filled with good, caring people—are tested in this way, we must stand together to condemn bigotry and hatred, but we must also follow the rule of law and trust in the work of our law enforcement officers," Maynard wrote.


East Windsor police issued a statement on Monday afternoon that they were investigating the videos for potential criminal trespass violations, as the gravel pits are private property. Beyond that, this appears to be just more of the background radiation we can expect from living in Trump's America.